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We’re looking forward to working with you on your forecast and nutritional management plan for next season.

Nutrient assurance

Fertiliser Sales Agreement

By completing a Fertiliser Sales Agreement (FSA), you can access the full benefits of our Nutritional Services rebate and Nutrient Assurance.

                                Nutrient Services Incentive

                              $4 per tonne rebate on products for use towards CSBP nutritional services.

Set price contract

Set Price Contract

While your FSA ensures you'll get the nutrients you need for next season, signing a Set Price Contract guarantees you'll get your nominated products*

                             Nutrient Assurance

                             Priority and assurance that the CSBP products or the comparable nutrient tonnes                               you have forecasted will be available for collection or delivery.

Logisitics planning

Planning for next Season

Your fertiliser forecast is also important to help us plan for next season and ensure supply, manufacturing and logistics run smoothly for you.

                                    Terms Available^

                                    Payment terms available for the month after collection. All Flexi-N collected                                                between 1 September 2021 and 31 December 2021 will receive payment terms                                          of 25 January 2022.

                                    Extended terms available on compound collections between 1 December 2021 to                                      28 February 2022.


Choose from our wide range of quality cropping and pasture fertilisers that have been developed specifically for Western Australian soils.

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Boomspray spraying Flexi-N liquid fertiliser

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CSBP Forecast Terms and Conditions

* Refer to contract terms and conditions

^ Subject to credit approval, contact your local CSBP area manager

Read our full Fertiliser Sales Agreement Terms and Conditions here.

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