Meet CSBP’s suite of nutritional tools that deliver accurate information to ensure you’re using the right fertiliser, at the right rate, in the right place and at the right time.

Make data-driven decisions for optimised returns

Using your agronomic and mapping data, our nutritional tools help support better fertiliser decisions. 

You can get factual information on exactly what is happening on your farm, at each stage of the season, cutting out the guesswork and reducing risk.

We are Fertcare® accredited

Our agronomists and account managers are also Fertcare® accredited. Fertcare focuses on providing high-quality advice to optimise fertiliser productivity and minimise environmental and food safety risks. Find out more about CSBP's Fertcare accreditation.

Plan, Build, Optimise & Review

For informed decision making on your nutrition program, CSBP’s recommendation tools work best together to provide the complete picture of your crop's nutrition and sustainably optimise your returns. 

Discover CSBP's recommendation tools below, or for greater confidence in your nutrition decisions choose CSBP Detect Plus - a managed nutrition service that includes sampling, analysis, and recommendations.

Phase 1 - Plan


Prepare for the season by understanding your paddock’s nutrient stocks with the power of NUlogic analysis. Optimise your fertiliser plan to meet your paddock and crop needs, ensuring you’re using the right fertiliser, at the right rate, in the right place and at the right time.

Soil Analysis
Phase 2 - Build


Identify nutrient status early and adjust your fertiliser program to address limitations that may impact productivity and the effectiveness of in-season nitrogen application.

Plant analysis
Phase 3 - Optimise


Get real-time nitrogen status and fertiliser recommendations with CSBP Detect. Optimise your grain quality, yield potential, and returns from in-season nitrogen applications.

CSBP Detect
Phase 4 - Review


Grain analysis at harvest completes your crops’ performance evaluation. Identify nutrient deficiencies, measure nutrient removal, and review and analyse your fertiliser program as you plan for the next season.

Grain analysis



Discover our online tools 

CSBP DecipherAg

Find out more about our online nutritional management tools.  

Discover more

CSBP Detect Plus

Introducing CSBP Detect Plus

For greater confidence in your nutrition decisions, choose CSBP Detect Plus, our new managed nutrition service. CSBP Detect Plus gives you the information you need, when you need it. We take care of sampling, analysis, and recommendation.

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